If you came here looking some other Harral than myself, this page may be of use to you. As I run across Harral related "stuff" on the web, I try to link it here. If you run a web site you would like linked to from here, feel free to contact me. I'm happy to accomodate most requests.

Other Harrals I Know Of

Note: I don't publish other people's e-mail addresses. If you really want to e-mail someone below and cannot find their contact information, you may contact me directly. I'll forward any request that seems reasonable.

What about other Harral-related domain names?

Since I don't run harral.net as a business, I'm not concerned about it being confused with harral.com, harral.biz, etc. I also don't have any interest in purchasing those other domain names. Out of curiosity, though, I did look into who owns them.